Doggie DayCare — leave your pet in great hands

Doggie Daycare Galway was established at the beginning of 2013 by Howard Haynes. Howard is a certified dog trainer with years of experience training dogs, and uses only positive (non aversive ) reward based training methods.

He saw an opening in the market and felt the service was needed where people could have a place to leave their dogs during the day while they were away from their dog for a number of hours, be it going to work or to an appointment.

There are many benefits to a dog attending daycare; it provides stimulation, improves fitness, teaches social skills, bite inhibition, it promotes good behaviour, relieves stress, anxiety and even depression. It lowers a dog’s energy levels, even the next day.

Doggie Daycare Galway also offer a dog grooming service, an overnight home from home boarding service where no cages are used to kennel dogs, they are free to run and play all the time, are never alone and all sleep together, and of course dog training courses ranging from Puppy Socialisation and Owner Education to Adult Pet Dog Obedience Level’s 1 & 2 (advanced ).

“We also offer one to one training to deal with dogs who may have behavioural issues; including toilet training, excessive chewing, barking, anxiety, aggression or others.

“We can also pick up or drop off your pooch if need be (minimal fee may apply ), and of course we stock a variety of excellent dog foods and accessories; including Bluegrass the cheapest dog food on the Irish market that is actually good for your dog, Orijen - the best dry nut know world wide, Arden Grange - the best premium dry dog food, and Nature’s Menu, a raw food, which is the best food you can feed your dog,” he said.


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