Forced sales by banks adding to housing crisis, says Canney

Under pressure landlords in Galway whose properties are being repossessed by the banks are being forced to evict tenants, as banks are insisting on vacant possession for sales to go ahead. This is according to Tuam based councillor Sean Canney who says he knows of five or six incidences of this occurring in his local area.

Councillor Canney is blaming the banks for adding more pressure to an already overburdened rental system. “There are a lot of families out there worried about where they will end up this Christmas. They may be on the housing waiting list and have been renting of a landlord who is now being forced to evict them against his will. This is very hard on people who may hhave made their home in a certain area. It is not like the landlord wants them to leave the property but he has no say as its in the bank’s hands.”

The Independent representative says banks need to exercise due care with existing tenants. “Banks are showing little regard for people who are renting and it is extremely hard to find other available properties. The bank has only one objective and that is to sell. However they could leave the tenant in place and recoup losses through the rent. This solution is necessary due to the chronic shortage of houses at this time.”

He says the Irish people have been very good to the banks and have got little thanks for it. “We bailed out the banks and now it is their duty to help people in return. A more humane attitude would be no harm at all. They have an onus to be more respectful of people. Even if they could hold off on the sale for 18 months, the housing situation will hopefully improve through various Government initiatives. There has never been as much pressure around housing and it seems to be getting worse.”


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