Beat cellulite while you sleep

A new cellulite treatment which works while you sleep promises results in just 10 nights.

Celluli Laser Night from Biotherm, an overnight treatment for the reduction of visible cellulite areas, works specifically in synch with the body’s biological clock.

The product launches a four pronged attack on orange peel skin. It fights the transformation of sugars into fats as well as the trigger of the fat storage process. It also slows down drainage mechanisms and stimulates cellular renewal for enhanced receptivity and smoother skin.

Cellulite deposit timeline

6am to10am

The body awakens progressively.

Drainage processes are facilitated.

10am to 4pm

The body is fully active.

Fat-burning enzymes are working to transform food into energy.

4pm to 8pm

The body begins to tire and expends less effort.

It is storing energy for later.


More of what is consumed is transformed into fat.

Experts say if food is consumed in the evening, as much as five times more of it will be stored than if it were eaten in the morning.

Celluli Laser Night should be applied to the affected areas in the evening. For additional benefits Celluli Laser Day is also available.

* Biotherm Celluli Laser Night costs €42 and is available at University Late Night Pharmacy, Newcastle Road.


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