Album review: Beach House

Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars (Bella Union)

IN DEFIANCE of the rule that a new album should only appear every two/three years, Beach House's Thank Your Lucky Stars emerges, with Zappa like prolificness, only three months after Depression Cherry.

What is more, far from a rush job, ...Stars has a claim to be among the very best albums of 2015. Whereas earlier Beach House works were so delicate they were in danger of disintigrating, there is a beating heart and a grit to the rhythms which underlie the beautiful dream pop and shoe-gaze, which retain delicacy, and allow the band's facility for graceful, imaginative, melody, layered vocals, and atmospherics, room to roam.

resulting in such dazzling songs, such as opening track 'Majorette' and the tough 'One Thing', showing how a heavy guitar riff can retain subtlety and complement dreamy vocals. The highlight may be 'Elegy To The Void', which builds from an electro-pop ballad, and through an almost NEU! like beat, creating a hypnotic whole, only for a the late appearing guitar riff to see the song take off to another level. An inspired song on a magnificent album.



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