Galway company combines science and seaweed to launch bovine food products

Galway based company Ocean Harvest Technology launched its new bovine products at the National Ploughing Championships in Laois last week. As part of the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Hub, Ocean Harvest presented and exhibited throughout the three day agricultural festival.

Based in Milltown, Ocean Harvest Technology has grown from a single headquarters in Galway to having a strong presence in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

“We were delighted to officially launch our bovine product line at the ploughing championships,” said Dr Stefan Kraan, co-founder of Ocean Harvest Technology. “Working with Enterprise Ireland has given us a huge platform, and being part of the biggest agricultural event in Europe has brought our brand to the attention of the wider farming community.” 

Ocean Harvest Technology has created a variety of patented seaweed based formulas centred on the bioactive ingredients present in different seaweeds. In Ireland there are thousands of different seaweeds. In order to provide a range of natural solutions to enhance the health of the animals, the environment, and the customer, Ocean Harvest Technology has a base in Vietnam where it combines many different seaweed types. These ingredients allow its feeds to replace many of the synthetic components found in agricultural and aquacultural feed ingredients.

“We are the first company to identify and apply the health and productivity benefits of a mixed and cultivated algae product to the animal feed industry,” Dr Kraan said. “Ocean Harvest Technology is a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS ) certified company, assuring the feeds produced satisfy the controls applied to animal feed production with regard to quality assurance, traceability, and the raw materials used in their creation.

“We believe in sustainable farming and creating improved opportunities for farmers, animals and our planet. Our seaweed based animal feeds allow farmers to grow healthier animals, improve working conditions, reduce costs, and take better care of the environment. Our customers see the benefits of our animal feeds up close by witnessing improved mortality rates in their animals, increased profit, and better opportunities, while protecting the environment.”

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