Workshop to help you live your life in a more productive way for your community

If you want to live in a more productive way in your family, neighbourhood, or society then this workshop on Training for Transformation is for you. You will learn that labelling a person or a situation can only distort communication. During the workshop you will discover that we need each other to live a full life.

Martin Kennedy, an Adult Education Trainer, will facilitate the workshop which will be based on the Theory of Paulo Freire, who is renowned for enabling communities to achieve their potential. Martin will help you develop critical awareness and how you can put this theory into practice.

If you are a teacher or a trainer or are involved in group management or in community and youth groups you will develop new skills and gain self-confidence knowing that what you think is important.

The group activity processes are critical in learning these group leadership skills. The workshop will also help you clarify your ideas and how to implement your goals

“Reflection without action is mere verbalism. Action without reflection is pure activism”

The fee for the six workshops is €150 and they will take place at the Diocesan Pastoral centre at Newtownsmith, Galway on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The programme generally runs for the equivalent of ten days and it empowers the participants to engage in development work.

The programme is centred on a belief in the dignity of each person in the community and belief in their capacity of each to make contribution to their community. It develops a strong sense of self confidence in what they have to offer. It also gives them an understanding of the forces shaping society and communities and it arms them with leadership skills in working with others to achieve goals.

For details contact Imelda O’Sullivan at 086 6098887; Mary Cunningham (086 ) 3836567; or Nuala Keane at (086 ) 3011717.


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