Eternal Summers - new album and Róísín Dubh show

Eternal Summers.

Eternal Summers.

FOUR ALBUMS into the game, it is only this year that Virginia indie-rock trio Eternal Summers have finally made it across to Europe, and one of their stops is the Róisín Dubh, where they play on Friday September 11 at 9pm.

The band - Nicole Yun (vocals/guitar ), Daniel Cundiff (drums ), and Jonathan Woods (bass ) - release their new album Gold and Stone, via Kanine Records, on September 25. The European edition will contain the bonus tracks, 'Honey' and 'Our Distant Bodies'. It has been preceded by the single and video for 'Come Alive':

Eternal Summers' sound has evolved from the minimalism of their debut album Silver, to the dream punk of 2012's Correct Behavior, to the guitar driven power on The Drop Beneath. Gold and Stone, however, finds them exploring an Anglophilic, 1990s, indie-dream pop sound to very pleasing effect. Another recent single from the album, 'Together Or Alone' was described thus by Consequence of Sound: "Yun's sun-kissed guitar lines and wispy vocals entwine for efficient beauty, capturing the serene nature of their name perhaps more than anything else in the Eternal Summers catalog"

Speaking about the new album, Nicole said: “I’ve never thought too hard about what our albums should sound like before they are written. I just trust instinct to lead the way. On this self-produced album, we wanted to target more lush and radiant textures, some classic rock riffs, some jazzier elements and some full-on punk snarl.”

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