OMiG August seminar to discuss blended marketing, blended learning, and blended networking

Evy Perez of The Language Mirror, special guest at the OMiG August meet up.

Evy Perez of The Language Mirror, special guest at the OMiG August meet up.

The Online Marketing in Galway August seminar will feature Evy Perez of The Language Mirror giving a practical talk on ‘Blended marketing, blended learning, and blended networking’.

Enda Hoolmaa from Budge will also speak on the night, presenting on positive social media exposure and brand management in a talk entitled ‘In today’s world simply gathering likes isn’t enough’.

The seminar will place on Tuesday August 25 in the Harbour Hotel from 7pm to 9pm.

The Language Mirror is in the early stages as a start-up company. It is a web-based platform that has the appearance of, and operates like, a social network, but is designed for language schools and associations to deliver language teaching, learning, and teacher training online.

Social media has become an essential recreational and business tool for users worldwide. Consequently, The Language Mirror team have incorporated social media tools into the language learning environment as a way of learning through collaboration.

The combination of social profiles with a comprehensive set of learning management, and productivity (organisational ) tools, specifically designed for the language industry and by the language industry, is what makes The Language Mirror different from existing alternatives.

Budge has developed an affordable, subscription-based, loyalty and marketing platform that helps SMEs nurture longer, more meaningful, and profitable relationships with existing customers — turning them into loyal customers and producing a sustainable and more valuable customer base.

OMiG aims to stay up to date and keep you up to date with the latest digital marketing trends by bringing together proven thought leaders to discuss, debate, and evaluate.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits sponsored by The Language Mirror will be served at the event.

“To date we have had a great variety of speakers, and once again we have two experienced digital marketing practitioners speaking at our OMiG events,” said Maricka Burke Keogh, OMiG founder. “Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing professional, or a business student, there are excellent digital marketing tips to be picked up from the two guest speakers we have this month.”

The presentations on the night and the networking after the event will provide invaluable expertise and a chance to meet others in the field. Tickets can be booked at .


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