Jack B Yeats exhibition in Loughrea

An exhibition featuring works by one of Ireland’s greatest painters Jack B Yeats, as well as works by the Yeats family and their friends, is currently on display in Loughrea.

The Yeats 2015 Exhibition is being held at the Diocesan Museum on the grounds of St Brendan’s Cathedral in Loughrea. On display are original works by Jack Yeats, his wife, Cottie, embroideries by Lily Yeats, and hand coloured prints by Lolly Yeats.

There are also drawings by Evie Hone, Sarah Purser, Michael Healy, and AE Russell. The museum also has some of Ireland’s earliest surviving wood carvings from late 12th century on display, as well as impressive Irish chalices and vestments from the 15th century.

The exhibition will run throughout August. The museum is open from 3pm to 6pm.

Yeats has been a major influence in the development of Irish culture from the inception of the state to the modern day, and the artwork exhibited conveys his continued importance today.


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