Light Over There - the unlikely duo for Monroe's Live

Rex Haberman and Aileen Henderson - new EP and Irish tour

THEY LIVE on different continents. They are from different generations, but together they create music of "beauty, emotion and urgency" according to the AAA Music website and as having "hints of Fleetwood Mac at their most country," by Whisperin' and Hollerin'.

They are Rex Haberman and Aileen Henderson, who, as Light Over There, play Monroe's Live on Sunday August 16 at 8pm, as part of their August Irish tour. Indeed this tour will be the first time the two musicians meet face to face.

Rex, from Minneapolis, has released two solo albums, one duo album, and a series of albums and EPs with the band War Poets. Aileen is a Dumfries-born 18-year-old who was brought up in Galway, and raised on The Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, and Elvis. They met through Twitter in 2014 and starting writing together via email, etc. Aileen would record her vocal parts in Galway, with Ray Diamond, while Rex's parts and all other instruments were laid down at Drum Farm Studio, Wisconsin.

The tour is to promote the duo's debut EP, Light Over There, which opens with 'Where Memories Live', a song about dementia. 'I suggested to Aileen we write a song about dementia because my father-in-law Wayne has Alzheimer's," says Rex. "I sent her the lyrics then she wrote the music and recorded a demo. My wife and mother-in-law burst into tears when they heard it. The lyrics came from observing my mother in law and specific things that she is going through. The repeated line 'To understand you, I must be you' is about how I see her trying to fathom what he must be feeling."

Rex and Aileen will be accompanied by Nashville bassist Adam Beard and drummer John Richardson (Gin Blossoms, Badfinger ). Support is from David G Moore. Tickets are €10/7. See A percentage of the proceeds from the gig will go to the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland.


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