Whole lotta Led Zeppelin @ Róisín Dúbh

NO STAIRWAY, Ireland's finest Led Zeppelin tribute band, who deliver note perfect and thrilling renditions of the songs of Page, Plant, Jones, and Bonham, play the Róisín Dubh this Saturday at 11.30pm.

Comprising four musicians with a great love and respect for the band, they aim to recreate Zeppelin's live presence and studio albums as faithfully as possible. From Plant's soaring vocals, Bonham's thunderous drums, Jone's multitasking, to Page's blistering guitar work; all the parts are treated with the respect they deserve!

No Stairway is fronted by Galway songwriter, raconteur, and all-round entertainer Steven Sharpe, alongside Ronan O'Malley on guitar; Shane O'Malley on bass/keys, and Bill Dunne on drums. The latest additions are a theremin and the iconic double-neck guitar. Expect all the classics, such as 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Black Dog', including some numbers Zeppelin rarely, if ever, performed live.

Tickets are €10. For more information see www.roisindubh.net


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