Use trees to wrap your house in beauty, interest, and warmth

Trees bring a beauty and interest that changes through the seasons. They have a particular beauty at the moment when silhouetted against a bright winter sky, or when they glisten with frost on a cold winter morning. Watch them through spring as their buds develop, their new leaves emerge, and many break into flower. See their fruits grow through late summer and enjoy watching the birds feed on them. Many show a vibrant riot of colour in autumn, then one day the branches will be bare again as they sleep through winter.

All of this changing beauty is yours to enjoy, but when you grow trees you are also improving the environment. These trees take in and use carbon as they grow, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and offsetting your carbon emissions from other activities. They provide excellent shelter from wind, particularly when planted as a shelter belt, and they effectively screen unwanted sights. A garden with trees is a haven for wildlife, supporting insects, birds, and small mammals.

In the present economic climate it is wise to seek value for the money we spend. Planting trees around your house entails a very modest outlay of funds. But these trees will grow and increase in value year on year, and very soon your home will have a totally different appearance, atmosphere, and ambience. There can be no better return for the money you spend.

Your local landscaper or garden centre can provide all the advice you need.

Barbara Duff, Oakleaf Nurseries, Shanbally, Lemybrien, Co Waterford, is a wholesale supplier of trees to nurseries and garden centres throughout the country.


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