Cúirt/Over The Edge New Writing Showcase

Mary McGill.

Mary McGill.

EMERGING WRITERS Alvy Carragher, Mary McGill, Teresa Sweeney, Daniel Roy Connolly, and Sonya Gildea, will read at the Cúirt and Over The Edge New Writing Showcase.

The event takes place in the Town Hall Theatre on Thursday April 23 at 4pm and will be hosted by poet and short story writer Susan Millar DuMars.

Mary McGill’s fiction has appeared in The South Circular, The Bohemyth, Crannóg, and Wordlegs. She was shortlisted for the Penguin/RTÉ Guide 2013 Short Story Competition and The Irish Times ‘Legends of the Fall’ competition.

Alvy Carragher was the 2014 Connaught Slam Poetry Champion. Her blog, With All The Finesse Of A Badger won best humour blog in the Irish Blog Awards and was a finalist for blog of the year in the Samsung Digital Media Awards 2014.

Sonya Gildea won the 2015 Cúirt New Writing Fiction Prize. She is also working on a poetry collection, a short story collection, and a novel. Teresa Sweeney’s fiction has been published in Roadside Fiction, Number Eleven Magazine, Wordlegs, and Boyne Berries. Daniel Roy Connelly won the 2014 Fermoy International Poetry Festival Prize and was a finalist in the 2015 Aesthetica Magazine Creative Writing Prize.

Admission is free and all are welcome.


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