Astralnaut and Weed Priest split single launch

Listen to stream of Graveyard/Parasitic



IRISH DOOM metal masters Weed Priest and Astralnaut will launch their new split single Graveyard/Parasitic, with a gig in The Cellar Bar this Saturday at 9pm.

Armagh’s Astralnaut have impressed with their Black Sabbath and Kyuss inspired mix of doom, sludge, stoner metal, grunge, and prog. The Thin Air website said the band “breeds groove, weight, and haze to produce a sound that is ever-increasingly all their own, masterfully veering between pummelling downtuned riffs to stoner-rock mini-odysseys.”

Galway’s Weed Priest also draw on the Sabbath sound and fuse elements of sludge, doom, stoner metal, occultism and heavy psych in their music. The band released their eponymous debut album in 2013 and followed this up last year with the impressive Worship EP. BornAgain Nihilist described them as “somewhere between the bellicose slo-mo bombast of Sleep at their best and the queasy atmospherics of prime Electric Wizard”, and praised their “hellish stoner vibes and devilishly dark grooves”.

The show is organised by HexenHaus Promotions. Support is from Tipperary doom metal band Brigantia. Admission is €3. Physical and digital editions of the new single are available through the Weed Priest and Astralnaut Bandcamp pages.


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