Bring mindfulness into your life

There will be a day-long introduction to mindfulness in Esker Retreat Centre in Athenry this Saturday, February 21.

Mindfulness is a key skill for wellbeing and happiness and we can practise it wherever we are. In our busy lives we are often full oF thoughts about the future or about the past.

This means we are often not that aware of what is around us, and what is happening in the here and now, so there is likely to be a lot of good stuff that we miss (or problems that we really need to be aware of ). It also means that we often do things more out of unconscious habit than fully conscious choice.

Being mindful means being more fully aware of what is around us — what we can see, hear, touch, and taste. And what is happening inside — our thoughts and feelings. It is about learning to observe all this but not getting caught up in thinking or worrying about it, instead being able to choose what we attend to.

Mindfulness has been shown to help us be healthier, less affected by stress, more relaxed, more creative, more open to learning, sleep better, improve our relationships with others, and feel happier and more satisfied with our lives. It is a skill from which anyone can learn and benefit.

The day of mindfulness in Esker will be facilitated by Carmel Sheridan. In addition to teaching mindfulness, Ms Sheridan has a psychotherapy and supervision practice in Galway. For more information call 086 8185974 or visit . Preregistration is essential.


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