Third level scholarships

Now that the CAO application is complete and the HEAR and DARE applications are under way, the next series of applications are for students with high standards of achievement in extracurricular pursuits such as sports, performance arts, and creative arts. For those currently studying in fifth year or transition year, this might be the right time to explore the opportunities and benefits your extracurricular pursuits can bring you when applying for a place at third level.

Elite Sports Scholarships are available in a number of universities. These are very competitive but provide a great deal of resources and support for those interested in continuing with their sporting interests. Not all sports scholarships are elite, and closing dates vary according to the sport and the university. Other scholarships such as those for performing arts and creative arts are also available and are worth investigating, so do check carefully.

As part of its scholarship scheme, NUI Galway is offering ‘performance points’ aimed at students who have reached a particularly high level of performance in their extracurricular pursuits and can benefit from an additional 40 points being added to their CAO results. Places are restricted to specific courses, and students intending to apply must be considering courses with 350 points or more. Other universities provide similar bonus points for extracurricular activities and are worth looking into.

Entrance scholarships are also available at some universities based on Leaving Cert points achieved. For further information, contact Connie Kelly, Career Consultant, at 085 282 4445.


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