Toyotas pass NCT tests with flying colours

Figures released by the Road Safety Authority reveal Toyota vehicles had the highest pass rates overall for first time NCT tests in 2013.

In 2007 registered Toyota Auris, Yaris and Corolla scored more than 80 per cent pass rates and higher - the average 2007 pass rate was 69 per cent. And in 2005 the average pass rate was 55 per cent while Toyota models recorded pass rates for Corolla of 70.4 per cent, Yaris 70.3 per cent, and RAV4 69.6 per cent.

For the pass and

failure rate statistics to be considered representative, a minimum of 1,000 of each model from each year had to be tested. The 2005 and 2007 registered vehicles had the highest numbers of representative samples.

Of the vehicles registered in 2007, Toyota models Auris, Corolla and Yaris scored highest with pass rates of 82 per cent, 81.1 per cent and 81 per cent respectively, versus an average pass rate of 69 per cent.

Some 1.17 million vehicles were tested at NCT centres across Ireland in 2013.

Toyota Ireland chief executive, Steve Tormey, says choosing a Toyota represents the best choice for people.

“We welcome the findings of the Road Safety Authority which clearly demonstrate the quality, reliability and long term value retention that Toyota vehicles are renowned for as ‘The Best Built Cars in The World’. With the highest NCT pass rates, choosing a Toyota represents the best choice for people looking for to reduce their motoring cost.”


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