Public meeting on Syriza, Greece, and Ireland

The new Greek prime minister Alex Tsipras.

The new Greek prime minister Alex Tsipras.

The election of Syriza has shaken up European politics and has lain down a challenge to the neo-liberal consensus of ‘there is no alternative to austerity’, but what does it mean for Ireland?

This is the issue that will be at the heart of a public meeting, entitled Syriza, Greece, and the Fight Against Austerity, which takes place this evening at 7.30pm in the Menlo Park Hotel, Headford Road. The talk will be given by Marxist economist and activist Brian O’Boyle.

Mr O’Boyle will examine what the left majority Greek government could mean for Greece, Ireland, and the rest of Europe. He will also look at potential sources of opposition to the new government and concerns arising from Syriza’s coalition with the right-wing Independent Greeks party.

“Syriza’s talk of challenging unsustainable debt has put pressure on the Irish Government,” said Socialist Workers Party member Dette McLoughlin. “The Fine Gael-Labour response to the Greek elections was muted to say the least, and the Government has not endorsed Syriza’s call for a conference to explore State debt sustainability.”

The meeting is hosted by Galway Socialist Workers Party all are welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion


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