Nolan demands Galway councils start planning social housing schemes

Government plans to spend €2.2 billion on sector

Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan.

Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan.

Galway can benefit from Government commitments to spend €2.2 billion on social housing between now and 2020, but only if the local authorities have designs and plans in place, according to Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan.

Dep Nolan is calling on the Galway city and county councils to start the design and planning process for social housing schemes by selecting sites, ensure zoning is correct, consulting with councillors and the public, and preparing plans.

The Galway City Council currently has planning permission for some 60 units, but with almost 4,000 households on the housing waiting list in the city, “we need much more than that,” according to Dep Nolan. He added that the lack of private housing is “pushing up house prices” and rents which “affect everybody, particularly those struggling to get by”.

“We have started to see some small private projects begin development, now is the time for social housing too,” said Dep Nolan. “Galway city and county have thousands of people on housing waiting lists. With funding coming on stream to build, it is imperative both councils do the work necessary to draw down that funding as soon as possible.”

Derek Nolan has also been selected as chair of the Labour Party Manifesto Committee. The committee is tasked with formulating policy for the party ahead of next year’s General Election.


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