Public lecture on Costa Rica’s peace tradition

Costa Rica’s struggle to promote peace and oppose militarisation and aggressive foreign policy from more powerful neighbours will be the subject of a public lecture.

American academic and activist Nicole Sault will give her talk, entitled Costa Rica: When a small country struggles to maintain its peace traditions in St Nicholas’ Parochial School, near the Town Hall Theatre, this Sunday at 12.45pm.

In her presentation Ms Sault will talk about the peace-building history of Costa Rica, including the abolition of the army, the Right to Peace in the Constitution, the history of Quaker activities there, the threats to this stance, and what Costa Rica and Ireland might learn from each other.

Nicole Sault studied anthropology at the University of California at Los Angeles and worked with indigenous peoples in Mexico and Costa Rica. She has worked with the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center in California and the School of the Americas Watch in Washington.


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