Smoked salmon pasta with Kalamata olives, spring greens, and vine tomato

Irish smoked salmon is without doubt one of the world’s great foods. Being the most westerly country in Europe gives Ireland the perfect environment for producing this versatile delicacy. Salmon has been smoked for centuries in Ireland using methods and secrets which have been passed down through the generations. The texture and taste of Irish smoked salmon is particularly good due to that extra bit of work the king of fish has to put in around our rugged and unpolluted west coast. Smoked salmon is rightfully considered an expensive food, but when used as an addition to pasta the smoked flavour carries brilliantly. This means that a small amount of salmon can go a long way. Another great benefit to eating smoked salmon is the fact that the oils of the salmon which are high in omega 3 remain very well preserved. Coupled with a healthy selection of spring leaves, this dish makes a well balanced main meal of the day.

This recipe comes courtesy of Oscar’s restaurant. Images courtesy of Preparation time 10 minutes. Cooking time 15 minutes. Serves two.


300g fettuccini

1 large vine tomato

14 Kalamata olives

100g smoked salmon

Half a lemon

50ml single cream

A selection of spring greens such as baby spinach, ruby char, etc

5ml olive oil

Salt and pepper


Roughly chop the tomato, greens, and smoked salmon.

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil, when boiling add the pasta and allow cook.

As the pasta is cooking heat a heavy pan, add olive oil, tomato, and olives and allow to gently fry.

When the pasta is cooked remove from water and hold hot.

Add the cream to the pan with olives and tomato.

Add the greens to the sauce, season, add the pasta, and finish with a little lemon juice.


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