Kíla - new album and Monroe’s Live show

KÍLA, THE mighty Irish trad meets world music fusion group, have just released their first album in four years and are in concert at Monroe’s Live on Monday December 29.

The Monroe’s show marks the start of the band’s current Irish tour, having just competed tours of the continent and Malaysia. Their live shows are the stuff of legend, the band has been summed up to a tee by Hotpress: “Softly spoken off stage and complete lunatics on it, Kila have torn up the rulebook with their wantonly eclectic mix of styles”.

Suas Sios, the band’s 10th studio album, recorded and mixed by Karl Odlum, is released on Sunday. It can be pre-ordered from Kila.ie The band have also been nominated for the 2015 Annie Awards (the animation Oscar ) for their music with Bruno Coulais on Song of the Sea.

The water theme of 'Suas Síos' is, the band inssit, purely coincidental with the current controversy about water taxes and Irish Water. However Kíla singer Rónan Ó Snodaigh has this to say about the protest: “The important thing about water is it’s quality not cost. This whole current set-up is about cost. Cart before horse.”

The video was divised by Swedish director Mattias Gordon, who was recruited through the Radar Music Videos website (http://www.radarmusicvideos.com ) where directors from around the world had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Kíla. Mattias was chosen over pitches from Australia, Spain, Mexico and England for his inventive animations and previous work with Lau and Kathryn Williams.

“I tried to create something new," Mattias says of the video. "I always try to find a unique approach for every video. I work in different styles and techniques. I try to get the feeling of the song and to translate that into visuals. And it’s a balance how much story the video should have. And how much the story should speak to your right side of the brain or the left. Now when the video is finished and I look at it the story tells me something this: Don’t go blind on one thing. If you open your eyes new things will come to you.”

According to Rónan, the song itself is about “Going to find courage, throwing a stone into a river and the thoughts that go with it to be cleansed.

The band have also been nominated for the 2015 Annie Awards (the animation Oscar ) for their music with Bruno Coulais on Song of the Sea.

Support is from The Quakers. Tickets are €10/7 and available on the door or through www.monroes.ie and 091 - 583397.


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