Blood pH test available at Health and Herbs

Health and Herbs is an integrated health clinic and herbal dispensary situated at No 9 Sea Road, Galway. It was founded in 1999 by Dr Dilis Clare, who is Ireland’s only GP also qualified in herbal medicine.

Health and Herbs offers a wide range of health services including herbal medicine consultations, a choice of therapies, herbal dispensary, vitamins, supplements, and nutritional advice. Health and Herbs also offers a wide range of tests including testing for vitamin D levels, food intolerance, and coeliac disease. These tests are currently unavailable at many GP practices.

For the months of October and November, Health and Herbs is offering 15 per cent off all homocysteine tests, which are used as a way of checking the pH level of the blood.

“When the blood pH is too acidic, it does not function properly,” said nutritionist Michelle Hanley. “As a result, the body’s energy decreases, cells cannot communicate, and the body’s natural healing and defence system break down.”

Health and Herbs works with Genova Diagnostics to test homocysteine levels. The test is a simple and easy blood test, which can be done at Health and Herbs.

Qualified nutritionists analyse the results and do an individual alkaline diet plan tailored for each person.

If you would like further information on all of the tests available at Health and Herbs call 091 583260 or call in store Health and Herbs. For further information see


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