Calm, confident, and in control: Brain training for birth

As a mother-to-be living in Ireland, you want to welcome your baby into the world in the safest, most gentle, way possible.

GentleBirth provides you with the road map to a fulfilling, empowered, and dignified birth experience in whatever direction your body and baby will take you, in hospital or at home, with or without an epidural.

GentleBirth is a complete antenatal preparation programme founded by Tracy Donegan, midwife, author, and doula. Mothers-to-be gain confidence and learn to trust their bodies, and thus birth becomes an event to be excited about. Birth partners learn tools to support expectant mums and realise how important their role is in the birthing process. By using the tools in the Gentlebirth programme, the mother will be more relaxed and calm during her pregnancy and birth, allowing her body’s natural hormones and endorphins to do their job and make her labour easier, shorter, and more comfortable.

GentleBirth uses techniques such as sports phsycology, brain training - CBT, self-hypnosis, and relaxation techniques, and is influenced by several motivational teachers such as Louise Hay, Byron Katie, and the wisdom of midwives such as Ina May Gaskin and obstetrician Dr Michel Odent.

GentleBirth teaches you easy self-hypnosis techniques that allow you to deeply relax instantly and easily at home or hospital. Your partner has a significant role during the birth process, employing strategies used by midwives all over the world.

With practice and commitment, you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of changing the way you think about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. GentleBirth brings the joy back to pregnancy and the calm back to childbirth. So stack the odds in your favour and join thousands of other women all over the world who are choosing to rethink birth - calm, comfortable, and in control.

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