Yvonne King - exhibitions in Galway and Clifden

THE ARTIST Yvonne King is holding two exhibitions this month, one as part of the Clifden Arts Festival, the other in the Galway City Library.

I Love Connemara features paintings, photographs, and limited edition prints, celebrating the artist’s love of her native area. There is a selection of freshwater pearl jewellery designed and handmade by Yvonne. It runs in the Galway City Library, St Augustine Street, until September 27.

The second exhibition, MAP1, is part of the Clifden Arts Festival, and opens on Friday September 19 at 6pm. The guest speaker will be engineer, Shane Joyce.

This exhibition is informed by both landscape and historical references to the Clifden area. Paintings and photographs are inspired by the site of the Marconi Wireless Station in Derrygimla near Clifden, which was used by Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi. MAP1 runs until September 28.


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