Welcome to The End Of The World

A scene from The End Of The World News

A scene from The End Of The World News

THE END of the world takes place in the Galway Arts Centre, Dominick Street, tomorrow evening. It has been foretold, there is no going back. It will happen.

Strictly speaking, the apocalypse is not about to erupt in the centre, rather the launch of two exhibitions - eminent domain and The End of the World News - at 6pm.

In a nod to Anthony Burgess’ 1983 novel of the same name, Austin Ivers's The End of the World News is a film featuring David Ramseyer (Titanic: Blood & Steel ) and Aisling O’Sullivan (The Butcher Boy, The Clinic, Raw ), and follows an unnamed male character situated in a post-human landscape, with evidence of lost civilisations.

The exhibition will include a HD projection of The End of the World News, accompanied by 20 framed laser prints depicting familiar scenes from sci-fi TV and movies arranged thematically.

In the 1960s, Centralia, Pennsylvania, began burning furiously as coal deposits deep under the town caught fire. The area began to spew hot toxic gases and sinkholes began to appear. By the 1980s the area was declared unsafe and the residents were forced to move out.

Visiting Centralia in March of this year, artist Gillian Lawler was inspired to create his show eminent domain, which looks at natural phenomena and its possible effects on the design and architecture of built structures.

Eminent domain and The End of the World News run until July 5.


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