Increase in support for Independents reflects new direction, says Canney

The increase in votes for Independent candidates in the local elections reflects a “new sense of direction of what the people want”, that is according to Cllr Seán Canney who was re-elected to Galway County Council earlier today.

Speaking at the count centre at Bailey Allen Hall, NUI Galway, the Independent councillor said that the time had come to reflect on what the people want and to give them hope. Cllr Canney, who received 3,171 first preference votes in count one of the Tuam electoral area, said that he was very happy to be elected on such a high number of votes second time around before thanking voters, the campaign team, and his family.

Speaking to the Galway Advertiser Cllr Canney added: “People are worried about Independents and if they can achieve anything. I have been achieving over the last 10 years and I will continue to do that and I work with anybody who will help in achieving things.

“Some issues that will come to the fore include jobs, medical cards, and housing - social and boarded-up houses. We have to tackle that head-on now and give the people hope. I think the people have asked us as Independents to give them hope for the future because they have lost all faith in the parties as they are established, those who are seen to be working for parties rather than the people.”

Cllr Canney concluded that the Government should reassess its tax driven policies because the people need hope.


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