Galway County Council local election count

Live updates

As counting finishes for the night we have the results of the first count in Connemara. Thomas Welby (Ind ) has been re-elected and his surplus will be distributed tomorrow morning.

Counting is still under way in Athenry/Oranmore with David Collins excluded in the ninth count. His votes are being distributed and we expect a 10th count before the count finishes for the night.

The sixth and final count has finished in Ballinasloe with Aidan Donohue, Donal Burke, and Michael Finnerty elected to the remaining three seats; the latter two were deemed elected without reaching the quota.

Outgoing Mayor of County Galway Liam Carroll has lost his seat in the eighth count in Athenry/Oranmore. His votes are now being distributed.

Kevin Ryan (FG ) has been excluded on the fifth count in Ballinasloe. His votes will be distributed.

The fourth count in Ballinasloe has seen Labour's Johnny Walsh elminated. His votes are now being distributed.

Malachy Noone (FF ) and Jame Charity (Ind ) have been elected on the seventh count in Athenry/Oranmore. Noone's surplus is now being distributed. 

The third count in Ballinasloe hasn't seen much change. Michael Connolly's surplus is now being distributed in the fourth count.

The sixth count in Athenry/Oranmore has been announced. Clement Shevlin has been eliminated and his votes are now being distributed.

We have spoken to Tim Broderick and Dermot Connolly after their election. We'll have more interviews soon.

The fifth count in Athenry/Oranmore has seen Cllr Jim Cuddy (Ind ) elected and Josette Farrell (FG ) eliminated. Farrell's votes are now being distributed.

Cllr Michael Connelly (FF ) has been re-elected in Ballinasloe on the second count. The third count will see Cllr Dermot Connolly's surplus distributed.

Two councillors have been elected in the first count in Ballinasloe. Cllr Tim Broderick (Ind ) topped the poll with nearly twice the quota. Cllr Dermot Connolly (SF ) was also re-elected. Broderick's surplus will be distributed in the second count.

Cllr Peter Feeney has been elected on the third count in Athenry/Oranmore. His surplus is now being distributed. We'll have updates on the Ballinasloe count shorly.

Here's a look at the share of the vote by party in Athenry/Oranmore, with the five independent candidates leading the way with 33.98 per cent of first preferences. Labour have just over five per cent.

The second count in Athenry/Oranmore has seen Labour candidate Madge Dean eliminated, and her votes will now be distributed.

The first count has just been announced for Oranmore/Athenry. No one has been elected in this count but Peter Feeney is just 29 votes short of a quota.

Roderick O'Driscoll and Suzanne O'Keeffe, the two candidates with the lowest vote, have been eliminated and their votes will be distributed in the second count.

Good afternoon from the Bailey Allen Hall at NUI Galway. The first count for the Athenry/Oranmore electoral area is currently under way and we will have the results as soon as they are announced.

Here's a taste of the atmosphere at the count.


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