Garvey promises to stand up for small business

Ronan Garvey, independent candidate in Connemara, promises to stand up to the ‘assault’ on small business, if elected.

The combination of “arbitrarily set, unfair and unsustainable commercial rates, mind-numbing red tape and bureaucracy” is making life impossible for small businesses, which, he says, are the key to employment and economic growth in the region.

“In theory I work in the tourism business, but in practice my job title should read ‘full-time form-filler for unelected and unaccountable officials,” he says.

Garvey says commercial rates are disproportionate and unfair.

“They don’t take into account business type, seasonality factors, or other trading conditions. There’s also a complete lack of transparency in how they are applied – by unelected and unaccountable officials.”

Garvey says this week’s Local Elections are important to ensure more independent voices from the community are elected.

“We have a national accountability crisis and yet nothing will change if we continue to elect careerists from the main parties. Our democracy will be stronger if we elect new people from different walks of life.”

Ronan Garvey runs Sleepzone, which operates three hostels in Connemara, Galway city and The Burren.

“Tourism is Connemara’s most important industry, and with nine councillors to be elected for Connemara, the tourism industry needs one seat at the table. I believe I can be a strong voice for the importance of tourism to Connemara, and the importance of Connemara to tourism in Ireland.”


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