Two Galway entrepreneurs head up new Irish weight loss and fitness challenge

Ireland will soon be home to one of the biggest and fastest growing weight loss challenges in the world. The BodybyVi 90 day challenge is now in pre-launch in Ireland, with the official launch on June 15.

Two Galway entrepreneurs, David Keane and Fiona Linnane, are part of the team heading up this launch in Ireland. Keane and Linnane help small business owners and individuals who are frustrated with this recession-plagued economy, to build a successful side business promoting the challenge, while at the same time, playing their part to end the worldwide epidemic of obesity. They are independent promoters of the challenge phenomenon and have created and founded - the hub for potential promoters looking to make a difference and a living promoting the challenge.

Fiona Linnane and David Keane, co-founders of said: “We wanted to find a more lasting solution for clients which is affordable and which fits in with our existing programmes. We did our due diligence - caught the vision of Visalus and had to run with it.”

Interested parties can RSVP and find out more by visiting or calling Fiona Linnane or David Keane directly on 087 1484993.

Keane and Linnane have put together an in depth free video series and special report for interested parties who would like to know more about the challenge. Full details are available at


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