The return of Wallis Bird

WALLIS BIRD is back, with a new album, Architect, and a tour which takes in Monroe’s Live this Saturday at 9pm.

Architect was inspired by and written during Wallis’ time in Berlin and the German capital’s vibrant cultural scene. “I needed to find a home; I needed to build a home. That’s what Architect is about,” says the Wexford singer-songwriter.

The album explores the theme of becoming the architect of your own life; of reclaiming control, shaking off the cobwebs, finding new freedoms of movement and expression; and casting off the long shadows of failed relationships.

There are touches of disco (‘Gloria’ ) and seventies rock (‘Communion’ ), and there is a political tinge to the album with ‘I Can Be Your Man’, where Wallis examines sexuality and gender roles as well as controversy over Russia’s treatment of gay people.

Tickets are €18 through €20 on the door.



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