Six-foot drop is placing motorists and livestock in jeopardy

The lack of roadside barriers on a stretch of the main Glenamaddy to Dunmore route is a serious threat to public safety and also places a local farmer’s livelihood in jeopardy, according to Fianna Fáil Tuam local area candidate Nora Fahy.

Fahy, who has raised the matter with Galway County Council this week. says the lack of roadside barriers in the Cashel Cross area has resulted in an open six-foot drop into a local farmer’s yard, which poses real danger for livestock and people using the area on a daily basis.

Glenamaddy woman, Nora Fahy who is hoping to take a seat on Galway County Council, believes that the issue deserves immediate attention.

“I have visited the farmyard in question on numerous occasions and there is at least a six foot drop from the roadside down into the yard, but there are no roadside barriers and only an old low stone verge which offers no protection. This is a busy stretch of road between Glenamaddy and Dunmore and traffic passes this point at great speed so it’s a highly dangerous situation. This could prove fatal to livestock or people using the farm if vehicles veered off the narrow roadside edge- there is nothing to prevent a car from ending up in this man’s yard,” she said.

The Fianna Fáil candidate said the farmer had been highlighting the issue with the council for many years but to no avail.

“Unfortunately the council has indicated it does not have the necessary funds to place barriers on all low lying farmyards in the area and I believe this is a matter which will have to be fought in the council chamber.”


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