Galway footballers are dedicated to the cause

In an article in Tuesday's Irish Examiner in which I was quoted, the impression was given that I questioned the commitment and effort of the current squad of Galway footballers. That is not true, nor is it a view to which I ascribe.

From working with a colleague over the past year who is on the Galway squad, I have observed first hand and appreciate the massive effort and colossal commitment the current squad gives to training, gym-work and the desire to do the best for Galway football. Players do not spend between 15 and 20 hours a week unless they are committed and have a genuine desire to be the best they can be.

Team manager Alan Mulholland also pointed out during the week: "Anything I've asked the lads to do, they've done it." Therefore effort is not an issue.

The point I did make, and I am probably "old school" in this, is that a few players could leave out the tweeting and Facebook lark as it can be a distraction and leave them open to undue criticism. In a purely football context, do these platforms really serve any constructive purpose?

Rectifying where we are in Galway football at present will take a strategic approach. This imperative does not lie at the feet of players alone.

A massive effort is required from county board level, coaching staff and team management, as well as players, to make that happen. There are no easy fixes.



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