Shannon protest in solidarity with Margaretta D’Arcy

A protest rally at Shannon Airport, against the US military presence and in solidarity with imprisoned peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy, takes place this Sunday from 2pm to 3pm.

Shannonwatch is calling on the public to show its support for Margaretta and her opposition to the Irish State’s complicity in war, by going to Shannon on Sunday.

A 2013 Red C poll commissioned by the Peace & Neutrality Alliance showed that 78 per cent of Irish people support a policy of Irish neutrality. Despite this, and despite a commitment in the 2011 Programme for Government to “enforce the prohibition on the use of Irish airspace, airports and related facilities for purposes not in line with the dictates of international law”, the Fine Gael-Labour Government refuses to end the US military use of Shannon or investigate the landing of rendition planes there.

The Galway Alliance Against War is organising transport to Shannon from Galway. Those interested are asked to call 087 - 9159787. Those planning to organise transport or to provide lifts should contact Shannonwatch on 087 - 8225087.



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