Know your career competition – annual survey points the way

The Institute of Project Management has for the past nine years conducted an annual survey of project managers across five major geographic centres in Ireland.

The institute is 100 per cent focused on the field of project management and is committed to the development and the professionalisation of its chosen field.

The survey aims to provide up to

date, comprehensive, information on the state of the project management profession here, with a particular focus on the career profile and attainment levels of project managers.

Its results give a picture of the career path of people who are enhancing their professional profiles by acquiring project management education and internationally recognised accreditation.

Certified diploma practitioners expanding their career profiles are typically aged between 28 and 45 and in middle to senior management roles. They tend to be highly qualified, with qualifications ranging from a primary degree to a PhD, and are involved in projects but do not possess any formal project management training. They are seeking to acquire both training and internationally recognised IPMA accreditation as valuable bolt-ons to their existing CV.

This survey forms part of a research initiative instigated by the Institute of Project Management and run in conjunction with University College Cork department of management and marketing.

For more information contact the Institute of Project Management, 25 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, 01 6614677, email [email protected], or www.project



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