Shepherds and circus on screen

ACCLAIMED GALWAY-based documentary maker Dieter Auner is editing his latest film Circus On The Road which offers a ‘behind-the-tent view’ of one of Ireland’s three touring circuses, Circus Gerbola.

On Thursday February 19 at 8.30pm in the Oslo bar in Salthill, Dieter is presenting a screening of his documentary Off The Beaten Track and launching a campaign to raise the closing finance for Circus On The Road, and in the meantime, viewers can get a flavour of the film at Admission to the event at the Oslo is free and patrons will be treated to a complimentary glass of the Oslo’s in-house beer.

Off The Beaten Track provides a fascinating view on Romanian shepherds. Since joining the EU, Romanians can earn more in one month abroad than a year at home as shepherds. Against this changing landscape, Auner’s documentary introduces us to Albin Creta, a teenage shepherd from Transylvania.

In this sensitive documentary we see a year of Albin’s life as he cuts hay, makes cheese, and minds his sheep. The drama is observed in the minute details: the selling of lambs, the purchase of a car, a departure for Germany. There is a loving attention to detail to the world of the rural Romania.

Dieter’s upcoming Circus Gerbola film sees him rolling between villages and towns in rural Ireland as he follows the circus troupe and casts his observant eye on the exuberant clown, eccentric but generous husband, and loving father of three children; Mikey Gerbola.

Today the traditional circus world is faced with tough challenges. Mikey’s partner, Tara, co-ordinates the travelling routine of the circus and blends the values of everyday life with the education of their children: Blake, Mikey jr, and Isabella. Despite involving her two sons in the show, Tara also wants to make sure that a formal education can open up different paths to their future.


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