Ken Bruen wins a ‘Stanny’

KEN BRUEN, the acclaimed and award winning Galway crime-fiction writer has won the Best Crime Novel 2013 title in the annual Stannies list.

Stan Trybulski, the American blogger, author, and former felony trial prosecutor for the district attorney’s office in Brooklyn and civil trial attorney for the New York City Department of Education, compiles an annual Best of the Year list, names The Stannies, concentrating on films, books, and TV shows which deal with crime and mystery.

Purgatory, Ken Bruen’s 10th book in the Jack Taylor series, was chosen for the Best Crime Novel category. In his blog, Mr Trybulski praised the book’s “fast-paced narrative with lively characters and his sharp, cynical dialogue...This enjoyable read also serves as a template for crime writers and editors who have forgotten that writing short is best.”



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