Speech and language resources for parents at Activate Speech

Activate Speech is based in Headford and supplies speech and language resources suitable for parents. Designed by a local speech and language therapist with nearly 30 years experience, these packs target key areas of common problems children have when starting to speak. So, if you are worried about your child’s speech then these may be for you.

There are ten products at present for children, each pack includes instructions. For example, Early Vocabulary pack is aimed at very young children who are not talking yet. Once the child is talking the Sentence Pack is suitable for helping children learn to say sentences.

Preposition pack is good for helping children learn to understand and say the smaller words in sentences which describe where things are placed in our environment. Early Language Concepts pack teaches descriptive words.

Put Things Together pack is good for helping children use language to describe connections between things. This is important for general and cognitive development.

Tell Me What is Wrong? pack takes advantage of the fact that children like to learn through humour. It focuses on reasoning and problem solving.

You can carry it in your bag and use to occupy your child as you wait for appointments or visit Granny and Grandad. Take on holiday to entertain your child.

Or sit on your couch for 10-15 mins in the comfort of home and teach your child to understand or say words. And remember, make sure to enjoy.

Tel Christian at 085 855 4600 or check out the website www.activatespeech.ie


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