The language of your business

I’m not talking about your native mother tongue when I say of the language of business. I’m talking about the language of your manners, the way you dress, the way you speak and the art of listening. All around the world Irish are known for having the ‘gift of the gab’. Is the ability to speak freely and say the right thing at the right time enough? To speak the language of business you have to look beyond the Irish charm and learn how to read positive body language and use appropriate verbal communication. These are vital tools when you are selling your products and promoting your business to your potential customers.

First impressions do last; therefore your non verbal communication is very important. Think about your posture, your personal traits, your general conduct, your gestures and your physical appearance as these can have a huge impact on the success of your business. How you smile, how you dress, how you laugh, eye contact and how you move your hands can show customers how confident you are about your business and your knowledge of the products that you sell. To gain the most out of your verbal communication, speak with your own voice and accent, in other words, be yourself. Pronounce you words clearly. If you talk with a relaxed yet confident tone the customer will pick up on that.  If you speak too fast the customer may feel rushed or may not understand you. Allow your language to flow in a non aggressive form. Give gratitude and lots of old school manners. ‘Thank you and have a nice day’ can go a long way.

 Listen to the words that your customers are using and the way that they speak. As a business person you can be very persuasive if you speak your customer’s language. People experience the world in three ways. They are auditory, kinaesthetic, and visual. You can pick up clues to how your customers process thought by listening to them speak. An auditory-based customer may say “That sounds good”. Or “I hear what you’re saying”.  A kinaesthetic based customer will use words related to the muscle senses such as to touch, to feel, or to grab. “That doesn’t really grab my attention”. Or “That sure does feel good to me”. A Visual based customer may say “I see what you are saying”. Or “I’m not sure if this is what I am looking for”. By speaking their language you can connect with them with a language that they will recognise and relate to on a subconscious level.

Your use of language is an important element in receiving new and repeat business and can be a bonus when it comes to building relationships with your potential customers. When the language is right you are saying; “We are open for business and you’re going to have a fantastic shopping experince here”.

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