Quay Dental introduces cosmetic whitening and launches Facial Rejuvenation and Injectables Clinic

Quay Dental - located at Walshes Terrace, Woodquay in Galway City centre – has just launched their facial rejuvenation and injectables clinic along with introducing cosmetic whitening to their broad range of services.

The Quay Dental Facial Rejuvenation and Injectables Clinic offers painless non-surgical facial treatments to help patients look and feel their best. It is one of the most effective ways to improve your appearance and look younger is to smooth out those tell tale lines and wrinkles. Areas such as the forehead, eyes (crow’s feet ), lip and mouth creases and nose-to-mouth lines can be easily treated in a virtually pain-free manner and is so quick; it can be carried out during your lunch hour!

Quay Dental’s Injectables Clinic is popular among men and women with perspiration problems also. Michael Swift, professional rugby player, tells, “For years I have been conscious of my underarm perspiration and sometimes felt uneasy in social situations due to the worry and stress attributed to the sweating.

“After receiving the treatment, I was amazed at how quick and relatively painless the procedure was and after 48 hours the results were incredible. The procedure has allowed me to be more comfortable in social situations.”

Quay Dental has also just introduced their ‘in the chair’ light activated cosmetic whitening treatment. Completed in under one hour, this quick and very effective way to brighten your smile typically lasts from one to three years.

To book your appointment or to learn more about the range of services available from the Quay Dental team, simply log onto www.QuayDental.ie, call 091 565068 or search ‘Quay Dental’ on Facebook.


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