Discover the benefits of laser hair removal at Therapie Clinic

Imagine no longer having to think about shaving your legs or booking in a painful wax appointment – ever again? This is the reality and the greatest benefit of laser hair removal.

Therapie Clinic is the expert using only medical-grade lasers, which are the most high-tech machines in the world. Therapie Clinic has taken the time to educate customers on the difference between IPL and medical grade laser, which is the key to getting results and is the difference between hair reduction and actually destroying the hair follicle - for good.

Many clinics offer a treatment called IPL, which is technically not laser at all. Medical-grade lasers basically ensure superior results in fewer sessions – which is the aim of the game. With IPL you could require up to 20 sessions versus only six with medical grade laser hair removal.

All you need is a course of five sessions, spaced out four-six weeks apart and you can throw away that razor! Thereafter you’ll have smooth, stubble-free legs and body - your beauty regime will never be the same again.

Successful hair removal is also dependent on experience. Incorrect use of a laser or using a wrong setting could not only mean poor results but cause problems such as pigmentation or worse still, a burn. Therapie Clinic has been in business for over 11 years and has the most experienced of staff who undergo extensive and on-going training to ensure you are in the safest and most experienced of hands.

“At Therapie Clinic our ethos is very much about delivering a superior service and attention, and most importantly delivering superior results, at a fair and affordable price for our clients”, said Clinic Manager, Deirdre O'Dowd.

Why not book a free consultation and patch test or give them a call to find out about special offers. Therapie Clinic is located on Shop Street in Galway, call 091 539 900.


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