New website to showcase work of Galway artists

A NEW website, dedicated to promoting the work of artists in Galway is online and is encouraging Galwegians to send it works to display.

The site - - is open to artists, photographers, sketchers, and cartoonists and sample submissions from artists of all genres are being accepted, with a view to having a co-operative that will help in the sales and promotion of such artistic creations.

“We are giving this digital experiment about three months to see if artists will take to it,” said Uinseann Mac Thómais, founder of the website and the general administrator of The Galway Review.

“If you are not on the web, you do not exist, certainly in a commercial context,” said web-master Ndrek Gjini. “The site can act as a boost and encouragement for people who might like the opportunity of turning their talent into potentially new income stream.”

For more information and to make submissions email [email protected] or text 083 - 3284079.


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