138 Galwegians travelled to UK for abortions last year

Almost 140 Galway women travelled to Britain last year to have an abortion, according to statistics published by the British Department of Health.

The figures show 3,982 Irish women travelled to the UK to obtain abortions. These figures were then broken down by county, age, and martial status.

The figures for County Galway reveal that 138 women obtained abortions in the UK throughout 2012. Of these, 117 were single and 12 were married. No status could be obtained or was known for the remaining nine.

The statistics showed the majority of those seeking abortions were those in their twenties. The breakdown in ages for the 138 women showed 11 were under 20; 54 were between 20 and 24; 30 were between 25 and 29; 21 were 30 to 34; and 22 were over 35



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