A big thank you from LilyMae and Sunni Mae Trust founder

One year ago I set up The Sunni Mae Trust to raise funds for my niece, Lily-Mae Morrison who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma which effects one in 100,000 children in Ireland. In a year we have raised more than €420,000.

The people of Galway have been instrumental in the fundraising effort. Take a bow the Ignite Gospel Choir, Stephen Macken, Renmore Pantomime, Monaghan and Sons, Valerie Totman, Merit Medical, Saoirse Kenny, Salerno School and Claregalway Educate Together to name just some of those who have fundraised locally.

Also the Galway media have been crucial in spreading our Tiny Dancer’s story. Everyday my family are stopped on the streets of Galway and asked how Lily-Mae is doing. Thank you, one and all.

From great tragedy we have built something very special. The love, hope and support that has been offered to my family over the past year has been humbling. At times when we stood staring into the pit of despair, there was always a hand to pull us back towards the light.

It was a tough decision for us as a family to be so public about our situation, but I think we made the right decision. Neuroblastoma is now a word that people know, Lily-Mae is a champion for the other children suffering from this disease.

And so we continue to fundraise, to raise awareness and to hope that Lily-Mae will prosper and that the money we have raised can help find a cure for Neuroblastoma.

We are working towards more fundraisers in Galway, if you would like to get involved I can be contacted through the website. www.thesunnimaetrust.ie



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