TULCA festival open call

THE DEADLINE for artists to make submission to take part in November’s TULCA Festival of Visual Art is Monday August 5 at 12 noon.

TULCA 2013 is open to artists from Ireland and abroad. The curator is Valerie Connor, whose curatorial focus is centred on the practices and technologies of visionaries and dreamers, forecasting and prediction, foresight and data visualisation.

“The ‘socialisation of data’ is becoming a central part of what affects us in everyday life,” Valerie says. “To devise the curatorial context it is key for me to have the engagement of partners and artists in the discovery of shared points of interest. This approach needs and depends on activating friendships through conversation.

“Consider the focus for the Tulca 2013 through the lens of this piece of dialogue in Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Q: Are you able to have friends?

A: Yes

Q: But you don’t have feelings do you?

A: Not as such; however, even among humans, friendship is sometimes less an emotional response and more a sense of familiarity.

Q: So you can get used to someone…

A: Exactly. As I experience certain sensory input patterns my mental pathways become accustomed to them. The input is eventually anticipated and even missed when absent.

Q: Like …

A: Yes…”

To apply e-mail applications that include an artist’s statement, artist CV, project proposal (500 words ), examples of previous work (10 or less images ), videos to be sent as links to YouTube or similar (no more than two ). Proposals accepted by email only to [email protected] with TULCA OPEN SUBMISSION in the subject box.


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