Inspired by the FIAT 127...

THE BEATLES sang ‘Let It Be’ but the artist collective Angry Hammers instead say Let There Be which is also the title of their new exhibition.

A multimedia installation, Let There Be officially opens in The Shed, Middle Pier, The Docks, tomorrow at 8pm.

The exhibition stems from the curious coincidence that the parents of every member of the Angry Hammers’ collective owned a FIAT 127.

For the show The Shed will be transformed into a “sinister place that falls somewhere between a laboratory and a film set”, in which the Angry Hammers will create a new vehicle - the FIAT 137.

This installation will explores physics and science fiction within the context of 20th century pop culture references to cars and the freedom they represent.

Let There Be runs until Tuesday May 28. Gallery opening hours are 1pm to 6pm.


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