NUIG Students’ Union adopts pro-choice policy

NUI Galway Students’ Union has officially adopted a pro-choice policy in support of a national campaign for full reproductive rights, including a woman’s right to abortion, whether elective or medically necessary.

The policy was decided by a referendum of NUI Galway students earlier this year, when more than 70 per cent of votes cast were in favour of the policy.

The vote commits the SU to actively campaign, locally and nationally, for a woman’s right to choose; means it supports a woman’s right to make autonomous decisions about her reproduction - be it abortion or continuing with pregnancy, and that any such decision should be respected and facilitated.

The result and official adoption of the policy means the NUIG SU joins other students’ unions such as Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University.

“The decision to adopt a pro-choice policy isn’t something that has been taken lightly, but it is the democratic decision of the majority,” said NUIG SU president Paul Curley. “The union is now committed to working with other students’ unions and organisations which hold a similar view to ensure women will have the right to make a decision about their reproduction.”


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