Swim for health, fitness, and relaxation

Swimming is an aerobic exercise and is a great way of getting your heart and lungs fit.

Adults and children with asthma or respiratory conditions often improve their condition when they practice swimming frequently. Swimming exercises every muscle in your body. It is a non-weight bearing exercise and is wonderful for people who are recovering from a hip or joint operation or from injury.

Under expert care and experienced fully qualified teachers even the most nervous pupil can learn to swim. Many pupils have gone to swimming instructor Anne Page over the years, frustrated having attended classes and not succeeded in learning to swim with good technique and not able to breathe correctly on front crawl. By paying attention to detail and helping them overcome their fears, she has an excellent record helping these people to become very proficient swimmers. They also learn to breathe correctly on front crawl, which results in their being able to swim for longer distances and with ease.

Braemor SC run classes in Clarinbridge for children on Friday at 4.50pm or 5.30pm for beginners and improvers. Lane swimming and coaching on all four strokes is at 6.15pm. Classes are also available for beginners, improvers, and advanced swimmers on Saturday at 10.30am. Adults classes are on Thursday at 8pm for complete beginners and improvers. One to one classes are also available for adults, teenagers, and children on request at a time that suits you.

To book phone Anne Page at 085 1223303.


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