New city clinic helps people to improve their sleep

Do you regularly have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Are you chronically too tired to function? Are your legs active or restless at night? Does chronic pain or digestive problems affect your sleep?

If so a city based sleep clinic, set up by GP and medical herbalist Dr Dilis Clare, may help you resolve this common problem.

Dr Clare, who has a busy GP practice, explains sleep problems can take many forms. They can involve too little sleep or inadequate quality of sleep.

Her sleep clinic, located at her premises, Health and Herbs at Sea Road, offers a comprehensive programme to address sleep difficulties. It costs €330 and includes the following:- 1. Medical history, stress profile and analysis. 2. Blood tests. 3. Sleep monitor analysis. 4. Nutritional consultation. 5. Two consultations with a medical herbalist. 6. One month’s individualised herbal medicine prescription.

Dr Clare, who qualified as a medical herbalist in 1999 and prescribes

both herbal

and pharmaceutical medicines, says both what we eat and when we eat can affect our sleep.

“By analysing a three day food diary our nutritionist will offer practical ways to change your eating habits and suggest foods that will help you return to restful sleep.

“By using a sleep monitor to track your sleep patterns throughout the night you can view your own sleep pattern. We use this information to create an individual programme to improve your sleep.”

She outlines that herbalism is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Some herbs are well researched with a track record of easing you back to normal sleep. Herbs have unique medicinal properties that aid your body in restoring health.

“The clinic protocol includes a blend of herbs to be taken for one month. This may include St John’s Wort and melatonin ( the ‘sleep hormone’ ). This may be prescribed from the pharmacist for some patients.”

For further information or to book an appointment telephone (091 ) 583260 or email [email protected]


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