Galway activists face charges for Shannon security breach

Two Galway peace activists have received letters that the DPP is to press charges against them for an alleged security breach at Shannon Airport.

Margaretta D’Arcy (78 ) and Niall Farrell (60 ), received letters from the Gardai at Shannon stating the DPP is to press charges against them and that “a summons will be issued at a future date”.

On October 7 2012 they went airside at Shannon Airport and held a protest on the runway to mark the 11th anniversary of the start of the US and British invasion of Afghanistan. Both Ms D’Arcy and Mr Farrell are members of the Galway Alliance Against War.

Responding to the news that he and Margaretta D’Arcy are to be prosecuted, GAAW’s PRO Niall Farrell quoted Dickens’ Mr Bumble: “The law is an ass.”

He went on to state: “Last Saturday 11 children were murdered in Afghanistan by the forces of occupation; killed by bombs and pilots that probably travelled freely through Shannon. The DPP is prosecuting the wrong people.”

Mr Farrell said that the prosecution will “not silence us, not prevent us from raising our voices in protesting against the death of Irish neutrality and this craven Government’s role in the imperial wars of the 21st century


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